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1985 Self-Converted Toyota Hiace Campervan- VanLife With a Cat.

In this van tour we're visiting Ollie and his adorable cat Marbles! Ollie and Marbs travel together in a 1985 Toyota Hiace Camper van on the east coast of Australia. Ollie converted the van himself, building a kitchen, bed, 12V solar electrical system, and gaming setup.

I work a job that's a roster job so i work eight days on and then six days off for me that's perfect because i i love my days off and i'll put all my effort into that eight days of work and then my days off i really want to do something so with the van it's perfect like i don't really have to plan anything i don't have to book accommodation i can kind of just decide what's going on obviously.

Jennifer vaniston is 32 years old just ticked over half a million kilometers so i'd say considering all that she's doing really well um i've have had to replace a few things so i've had to replace the carburetor i've had to replace the distributor um but like knock on wood nothing nothing fatal yeah it's all just stuff that hey eventually that was gonna have to happen you don't see that many 32 year old half a million kilometer vehicle still on the road now.

I guess like without getting too deep like loneliness is quite different from being sad too

so like i will feel lonely sometimes i'm obviously if i've got marbles with me, it's a little bit different don't don't quite feel as lonely just feel like a crazy cat person and to be honest it's kind of like cheesy as it sounds like.

Instagram kind of helps me feel a bit less lonely because i might it kind of helps you connect with a lot of other people that are doing the same thing as you and they might not be packed up at the same car park as you but you might find out like all right they're actually only an hour north and i'm going that way and someone will respond to your story and you're like oh hey like let's catch up with some let's grab a beer and i've actually made a couple of like really good friends just through doing that like we already know we've got a lot in common like you kind of skip a lot of those steps of how you might normally make friends.

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