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260 Ft Tiny House with two Beautiful Bedrooms.

The Acacia is a model that was designed to be inhabited year-round by a mother and her teenage daughter. An effective design, which reflects the needs of our client. This tiny house is distinguished mainly by its two closed rooms, a living room with a 3 places sofa bed, in addition to a second loft space for additional storage.

Living room

The living room also has several practical features: A 3-seater sofa bed, two large hidden drawers also serving as a sofa base, shelves for plenty of storage.


A large and functional work surface is required in a kitchen, which is why we have created a counter with an extension in ” L ”. We work mostly with custom cabinetry, which allows us to use spaces as much as possible.


Little tiny house on wheels has a room closed on the ground floor. The idea is more complex to realize, but very practical if one thinks to live long term in a micro-house. With a ceiling at 6 feet high, the master bedroom has a comfortable size, as does the loft located above.

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