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3 Masks to quickly raise your hair.

1.Masta argan

This hair mask has magical effects, its formula is rich in argan, jojoba and almond oil that help strengthen and repair damaged hair. It is vegan, without chemicals. All those who have used it have immediately noticed the change . Stronger, healthier and longer lobe.

2. Pink Exclusive Mask and Argani

It's the right choice to strengthen and thicken your hair. Just because its base is a winch, but the formula filled with added ingredients like rose, gingerbread extruder and coconut oil help to restore moisture and proteins to the hair. you have to worry about chemicals because this mask does not have any of them.

3.Mask with Granier Fructis

For repairing damaged hair, just a handful of this wondrous mask! The vegan formula of coconut oil and papaya, as deep extracts for your hair, makes them look magical for a while. It's free from silicones and is safe for all types of hair and even dyed ones.This mask hair is a key element of beauty that those who have tried say that they help improve the thickness, structure and health of your hair.
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