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After her son died and then a divorce followed - Carol find Peace By Living Simply.

Carol is an incredible human. She's maintained a positive attitude after experiencing so much loss... More than anyone should experience in a lifetime. She lost her son and every pet but her dog in the fire in Paradise, CA. Soon after she went through a divorce and the dog she saved from the fire passed 1 month after they escaped. She has managed to put her life back together in such a beautiful way.

She hired a builder to build her a tiny home and is currently living with her 1 year old Golden Retriever on the coast of Oregon in a tiny home village. She hopes to one day purchase land and be completely off-grid.

“Hi my name is Carol McBride and I'm a tiny home owner I have loved tiny homes for many many years and I think my life situation changed when my son died and then a divorce followed and it was just me.”

“So I was excited to live tiny I guess and went to my first tiny house festival last summer in San Jose just to walk through them and get a feel for him and they were awesome so I knew I had to have one. I like this lifestyle because it makes me get out into the world it makes me get out and experience life much more which is a great healing experience for me at this point in my life it's just a wonderful life.”

“I love my tiny I'm very proud of it it's smaller than a lot of the homes you see on the market that I liked that concept it's easy to pool it's easy to keep clean it's just adorable it feels like a hug a tiny hug I love it.”

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