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Amazing DIY Self Built 2017 Ford Transit Van Conversion.

I'm Nikki, I live in my self-built 2017 Ford Transit with my partner Ben. I used to live in a van in New Zealand for 2 years and once my visa expired, I knew I had to make it a mission to build my own van in Canada. I built this beautiful van with my family in Ontario. It took us a lot of planning and one full month of non-stop work to build the home on wheels of my dreams.

There is so much I want to talk about when it comes to building this van from scratch, and in this post, there will be all the juicy details of this van conversion so that you can plan your own build! A little back story, I lived in a van in New Zealand for 2 years, got very comfortable and fell in love with the lifestyle. So when I decided I wanted to build a van in Canada, I knew exactly the design and materials I wanted to use because of my past experience. (Although I did still do a lot of research).

My dad and brother helped me out a lot with this build because of their knowledge and expertise. I wouldn’t have been able to do it (this well) without them! Thanks for following along and reading about my van conversion.

Details Van: 2017 Ford Transit LWB High Roof Conversion Time: 30 days (12 hour days with 2+ people) Cost of Conversion: $15,000 Cost of Van: $34,000 Total Cost: $49,000 Gas Milage: 600 kms per tank – $100 CAD to fill up tank Weight: Will post when I weigh the van

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