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At 28 feet long, this Tiny House has everything you need in an intelligent, well-designed space.

This tiny house stands up to even the toughest critics. It blends simplicity, function, & beauty into a wonderful combination while maintaining an open floor layout. It's whimsical lighting, expansive design & bright colors bring inspiration & creativity to the space.

A modern & beautiful home great for living or just retreating from home. It features a luxurious kitchen & bathroom. This tiny home is perfect to place on a remote lot or in a backyard & has a warm yet clean feel to it with whitewashed walls & ceiling, waterproof luxury vinyl flooring, & dimmable LED lighting throughout. Its amenities are not lacking & its beautiful aesthetic design is built with quality materials & a functional layout.

Features & included items in the sale:

  • Designed to comfortably sleep up to 4 people boasting two main lofts that fit king size beds .

  • 8 large skylights that bring plenty of natural light indoors .

  • A luxury gourmet kitchen with a large ceramic farmhouse sink, gas range stove/convection oven & heated floors .

  • Bathroom has a large 4 x 4 foot window next to a deep bathtub/shower, a new Incinerator Toilet & a dehumidifier .

  • Large 12 x 16 deck with 2 sets of stairs & a large awning .

  • Walk in closet w/ washer dryer combo unit .

  • Two fold up tables with chairs depending on how much space you need for your dining experience.

  • Instant water heater for the entire home & an amazing HVAC System to heat/cool the home.

  • 5 large propane tanks, 27 gallons total which will last about 2 months.

  • Lots of furniture that was built or bought to fit perfectly in the home.

  • Dyson Vacuum that charges & hangs on the wall of the closet.

  • Fold-up couch/bed -Remote control skylight shades .

  • Wool Carpet .

  • New smart tv.

  • Emergency generator.

  • Bed frame for a queen-size bed.

  • Lots of storage built into the floors.

Price: $100,000.00

House Details:

  • 375 sq ft

  • 2 beds

  • 1 baths

  • Built 2016

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