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Beautiful 2013 Ford Transit VASP Campervan for Couple Adventure.


• We completed the layout on September 10, 2022. We worked on it for more than 6 months, including more than 2 months of finding the carrier, producing the layout plans to standards and collecting all potentially useful information. to the layout.

• Projected cork insulation (two layers, floor, walls and ceiling) + biofib wool (sheep, cotton, linen) th. 4cm + vapor barrier + skytech insulation for ceiling and floor.

• Paneling in spruce ep. 1.8cm. Vitrified to be impervious to condensation and steam (stove) and thus last over time.

• The floor is made of 1.5cm thick plywood + glued flexible vinyl strips.

• Double glazed windows, carbest of 1100mm x 450mm with wide angle projection.

• Bed of 1m80 by 1m35. It consists of a first fixed part 95 cm wide and a second part of 40cm convertible into a table + bench seat.

• Mattress in high resilience foam, superior quality, density 35 kg (semi-firm) plus a thin Thermogel mattress topper (anti-perspirant + comfort)

• 45cm by 90cm table mounted on a 2-axis lagun-type pivoting foot, easily height-adjustable and removable.

• Thedford cooker combined with 3 burners and convection oven + grill. The luxury of this gas cooker is of course the size of its burners and its oven, ideal for indulging in the art of cooking even in a confined space.

• Extractor/fan with 4 extraction speeds and 4 ventilation speeds, fitted with a rain sensor.

• Water pump, fiamma 13L with self-priming membrane, (it turns on and off automatically when the taps are opened and closed)

• The clean water tank is 60 liters and the gray water tank (dishes + shower) is also 60L. They allow an autonomy of about 2 days.

(Note that the autonomy varies a lot according to the habits of each one).

• The 2 tanks are connected to a water level probe. And the gray water tank has an automatic anti-freeze thermostat.

• The shower is waterproofed in fiberglass plus gelcoat paint (for boats and swimming pools) and is supplied with hot water.

• 10L Truma boiler, 2 heating positions 50° and 70°

• Propex HS 2000 forced air heater. Programmable and adjustable temperature using a digital monitor.

• The gas supply comes from a 13kg bottle of propane or butane regulated by a 30mb regulator.

• The entire gas installation is certified by qualigaz (September 2, 2022)

• The gas autonomy is approximately 2 weeks. (Can vary enormously depending on habits)

• Electrical network provided by two LiFePO4 lithium batteries of 12V 100ah each, connected, for their charging, to a victron 20a booster charger, (intelligent charging with the alternator, while driving), to a 220/12 and 12/220 charger/transformer. 220 victron (charge on classic 220 socket) and above all has a 380w solar panel whose charge is regulated by a victron 100/30 charge regulator. It is powerful enough to allow complete autonomy even in winter. (unless parked all day in the shade of course) In case there is also a 100/15 mppt plus roof pass and wiring already installed to allow the addition of another solar panel of max 210w. But frankly with the addition of the booster charger (charge by alternator) it would only be useful in the event of winter sedentarization in a region not affected by climate change)

• This installation equipped with a protect battery and a charge controller can supply 12v, 7 led lights, the air extractor, the cooker, the water pump, the water heater, the heating, 4 USB sockets, the water level sensor and the antifreeze thermostat for the gray water tank. And in 220v the fridge as well as a power outlet.

• And with all this equipment there is always room for plenty of storage and a spacious trunk.

• Mechanical level everything works very well and no repair or maintenance is to be expected immediately.

• The Battery, the alternator and the windscreen are new and the Turbo and the diesel filter were changed less than a year ago.


Model: Ford Transit

Year: 2013

Miles: 138000 km

Price: 29600 €

Contact Seller Via: +33 7 49 30 04 33 Email:

Location: France


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