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Beautiful Tiny House with a single-slope architecture, which gives it maximum interior volume.

The tiny Valhalla house has a single-slope architecture, which gives it maximum interior volume. To dress this house and break with the massive effect that this architecture induces, we opted for a two-tone cladding with asserted roof ladders, supported by five brackets on each gable. Numerous windows line the façades, including three bull's-eyes and two long panoramic windows upstairs.

At the entrance, there is a large library on the right, next to the bathroom with its 80x80cm shower and the dry toilet with stainless steel bucket and chip compartment. The upstairs living room consists of a large convertible sofa, a coffee table and two shelves.

Below is a first bedroom which can contain, in addition to the two wardrobes already installed, one to two children's beds or a double bed. A small curtain allows to hide this room from the rest of the house. The kitchen includes a fridge, a double-flow VMC, a sink, a mini-oven, hotplates with their gas bottle and a hot water tank. The worktops are in solid oak. A staircase at the end of the furniture gives access to the mezzanine of the living room.

In front of the kitchen is a large office, equipped with an RJ45 socket and overlooked by four flying steps. The owners thus have a comfortable way to access their room without overloading the space with an overly massive staircase. The first two steps slide under the desk so as not to impede traffic.

The upstairs bedroom easily accommodates a double bed. A small removable oak bedside table is installed next to it and a balustrade secures the upper floor. The tiny house Valhalla is the main house of Léna, Lambert and their son Isaac.

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