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Beautiful Tiny House With a unique Frame that does not go unnoticed.

"I would like a tiny caravan-inspired house, but with contemporary architecture. A modern-day caravan!" Was Aline's brief when she came to entrust us with her project.The tiny Flamenco house has a unique frame that does not go unnoticed.

This semi-circular shape extends to its roof ladders overflowing a good meter on either side of the house.The red curved aluminum cover extends vertically on the walls, as if wrapping the entire house. The large bay at the entrance, overlooked by a window also in a semicircle, offers a wide panorama on the outside.

Aline did not want a loft bed, which is why the living room sofa is a comfortable convertible.

The mezzanine acts as an attic. It remains accessible thanks to the ladder and could easily be fitted with a double bed.

Below, the bathroom is fitted with dry toilets with stainless steel bucket and chip compartment, as well as an 80 x 80 cm shower. There is also a small storage unit above the toilet. A large wardrobe next to the bathroom and its three large drawers will allow Aline to easily store all her clothes.

The kitchen unit includes an electric oven, a sink, clay blocks for storing bottles, coolers, a fridge, a hot water tank and a large work surface to cook well. small dishes! As it is positioned in the photos, the dining table can accommodate four people for a meal. By moving it in front of the sofa, it can receive two additional guests. We have delivered Aline's tiny house in Gironde. She immediately moved in!

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