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Certified health coach Living in a bright Plant-Filled Tiny House on wheels - TOUR.


My name is Grace. I am a certified Yoga teacher, a health coach and a mindset coach. I’m also a tiny house dweller, nature junkie, and lover of the fall season/all things cozy 🍂

For most of my life, I was overwhelmed. In college, people knew me for being messy and last minute. I had WAY too much stuff. My room was always cluttered with knickknacks and clothes thrown all over the floor. I would lose things, I would put things off until the last minute. Even though I always made my deadlines in the end, I always felt rushed, behind, and overwhelmed with life. And to compensate I would buy cheap clothes (adding to all my crap), I would waste my time on social media/Netflix, I would drink and eat junk. I longed to be organized, to be less stressed, and for things to be more simple.

Then things got hard for me and a series of events turned my life upside down. When my father died when I was 22, it put a lot of things in perspective for me. I took a long, hard look at my life, made some decisions on what was important to me, and let the rest go. I decided to live my life with more purpose and with less possessions. I redefined what success meant for me: a simple life.

I moved abroad for a year and when I came back to the U.S., I minimized my possessions, bought a tiny house, and became more intentional about how I lived my life. I stopped wishing I had more time or thinking that I had too much to do to live my dream life. I put all my fears and excuses away pursued my dreams, and became a coach.

Grace and Ryan live in this bright, beautiful, plant-filled tiny house on wheels that's 25' long x 8.5' wide x 13.5' tall, and 276 square feet (including the sleeping and storage lofts). The home is perfectly designed so that the couple can live a minimalist lifestyle and work from home with a desk in the living room and a futon couch for lounging and having guests over.

They have an apartment-size fridge, a propane cooktop, and a deep sink in the kitchen, plus a drop-leaf table that's handy when they need extra counter space for food prep or drying dishes. They also make great use of vertical space by storing pots and pans on the wall.

The bathroom is compact with a shower stall, a small sink, and Separett urine diversion toilet. Above the bathroom is a great storage loft for things like winter clothes and extra dog food for their pups, Tofu and Pesto.

The sleeping loft in this tiny house is accessible via a storage staircase with a modern railing design. It has loads of headspace (5 feet!), large windows on 3 sides that make you feel like you're sleeping in the forest, and simple affordable clothing storage that also provides privacy from the main living space downstairs.


The tiny house was built by Escape Traveler:

Follow Grace and Ryan on Instagram here:


Video Tour By: Exploring Alternatives

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