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Comfortable Tiny House with an angled staircase with integrated storage.

The tiny house Ostara takes its name from the stable in which it is installed near Toulouse. Its large central bay window offers Nathalie and Sébastien an unparalleled view of their horses, which sometimes approach them with curiosity. A small detachable canopy protects the door from both the rain and the heat of the Toulouse sun.

A small staircase and a heat-treated ash terrace were also made by the team. It is also difficult to miss the large bull's eye, one meter in diameter, which covers one of the façades, as well as the small chimney which protrudes above the roof. The entrance is through the living room, in which is installed a large 1.80 meter long sofa, enough to admire the view at will and accommodate a friend for the night!

To the left of the living room is the dining room with the small bookcase, the wood stove and the table which can seat 2 to 3 people. Finally, an angled staircase with integrated storage provides comfortable access to the upper floor.

To the right of the living room, the two-part kitchen invites you to cook up delicious dishes. At the far end is the bathroom, with an 80x80cm shower fitted with an aluminum and glass door, as well as a dry toilet with chip compartment and pressed stainless steel bucket.

The mezzanine extends along the length of the tiny house. The 140x190cm bed is secured with a net stretched from one end of the bedroom to the other. Finally, a large closet for clothes occupies the entire bottom of the floor.

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