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Couple Turns Prison Bus Into A PERFECTLY Designed DIY Skoolie.

My name's Ben this is Meghan this is our bus Kevin it's named after the person that we bought the bus from.We were about a month away from becoming debt-free and we were starting to kind of browse around online of different options vintage trailers tiny homes a yurt and then we stumbled upon this really cool Craigslist.

Ad very descriptive about this old prison bus mobile command center that had a generator and shore power and all of these different things already set up the body was in really good condition. Was down in Massachusetts and we within a week went down and saw it toured it met the really interesting and gentleman who is selling it and we were sold so entryway area is not done yet it's on the to-do lists.

When we bought our bus it was this kind of scary shade of black / red / dusty rust the condition

of the paint was pretty good there was just surface rust nothing no pinning no holes or anything like that so that was one of the major reasons why we purchased this bus was because the body

was in such good condition but we knew that we had to paint it like from day one we were not going to accept the way that it looked before.

We at first thought okay we'll do the interior conversion and about the painting part so we got three quotes all were within the range of nine to twelve thousand dollars minimum to get the bus painted and that was even with us doing some of the prep work that did not include any bodywork at all so I'm talking $15,000 for a professional job.

So that wasn't something that we were willing to put in so we started to think of ways that we could paint the bus ourselves and what we realized is that it would just require a significant amount of elbow grease not as much as we ended up putting it or we didn't anticipate how much work it would actually be it probably took us we just worked on weekends because we both had full-time jobs during the conversion so we just worked on weekends and it was in pretty favorable temperatures and it required both of us you know 10 hours a day.

When we started this whole dreamin process we had about $100,000 of debt student loan and vehicle debt we paid it off we made a plan and paid it off and three and a half years just working our tails off and implementing some different you know lifestyle changes.

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