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Cozy 19FT Handcrafted Tiny House with 2 lofts & Beautiful Design and Woodwork.

This is a 19 foot long tiny house on wheels with a covered porch, two lofts, windows all around, convenient storage, lots of counter space in the kitchen, handcrafted woodwork, and fold away space saving furniture. The space is warm and welcoming and cozy.

Everything you need in it a kitchen bathroom living and dining spaces two lofts and a covered porch, some of the unique things about this home are the rows of windows along the roof line that led in a lot of natural light the living room furniture that can fold away to create more space if you need it and the wooden shower with the exposed copper pipes is pretty cool.

There's also a lot of open shelving here which is great you can put your books out and your plants and your favorite things and it makes the space feel a lot more cozy and then it's also nice if you're living here to be surrounded by your favorite.

You can see his work and find out more here:

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