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Cozy Cob Cottage A Sustainable Green Building.

Tour one of the most famous (and beautiful!) cob buildings in the world! The Unique Cob Cottage is on Mayne Island, BC and is the 4th most wish-listed property on Airbnb. Unique Cob Cottage on Airbnb: The Cob Cottage is a fully permitted, 2-storey, load-bearing cob structure that was built by Cobworks in 1999.

Cob is an environmentally friendly mixture of clay, sand, and straw that can be used in many different climates to create green buildings with organically shaped walls. This cottage is on the grid with a well, septic tank, and hydro power. They use a woodstove for heat.

The cozy retreat was hand-sculpted using local and sustainable natural materials, and features a central living space with cantilevered slab stairs leading to the loft bedroom.

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