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Diet food that your body needs.

Most people do their utmost to use all the methods to weaken. Abuse with health by depriving of eating, abusing with physical activity, insomnia, etc., and how to lose excess kilograms. In fact, they forget that all these efforts, which fail to look good, ruin the immune system, resulting in unsustainable consequences, such as: aging of the skin, acne in the face, hair loss, physical weakness and so on . Loving the body does not mean making such sacrifices. Healthy nutrition gives this opportunity. It's enough to keep a diet and consume what really makes god for the body. Here are some good tips:

1. Do not leave any meals without eating
It's wrong not to eat breakfast, because you will be forced to eat lunch with hunger and get lots of food at once. Likewise, it is not recommended not to eat dinner.

2. During the day you should eat as much meals as possible, but little by little
In the morning, consume a fruit or coffee at 10-11, lunch, afternoon fruit, dinner and a fruit or cup of yoghurt before bedtime. You should be careful that besides these meals you should not "chew" or chew any seemingly trivial foods such as almonds, nuts, chestnuts, any biscuits, etc., because they contain calories and prevent you from falling.

3. If you feel hungry, do not eat bread or sugar, but a boiled egg or a cup of yogurt, tomatoes, cucumbers, which wait for appetite and do not contain too much calories.
4. The tips you should use most in your diet are: green greens, fat-free meat, fish, swarms, eggs, skimmed milk and sour. You can also use fruits, but no more than 2-3 grains a day.
5. Use as little food as butter, oil, margarine, cheeses, fat, cattle, alcoholic beverages, concentrated fruit juices, etc., as they are rich in calories.

6. Dumplings contain many calories such as: bread, rice, pasta, dried beans, to be used rarely and in the least amount.
7. Patients contain 20% sugar, so if consumed in large quantities bring lots of calories, especially if they are fried with oil.
8. Vinegar You can use to give food flavors, but not as a cure to weaken. Such a thing is silly and very harmful. Vinegar can "digest" the food in the stomach, but can not cope with the fat you have in the body. Rather, drinking high-grade vinegar not only get calories, but you risk to damage your stomach, creating gastritis and ground for ulcerative disease.
9. All the spices and herbs that add to the food taste can be used in cooking, so you can use lemon, pepper, garlic, onions etc. 
                                     10. Salt use should be taken in limited quantities, as the salt causes the collection of water in the body.
11. During the meals it is advisable to drink as little water as possible, so you can slow down the absorption of food from the digestive tract. Water is better to drink an hour after meals. During the diet to fall in weight you should drink 1.5-2 liters of water. How to Make the Right Prescriptions Try to use as little fat as possible while cooking.

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