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Divorced Dad Teams Up With His Young Daughters To Design A 4x4 Sprinter Camper Van.

Sean had grand plans for a masculine van build, that is until his daughters gave their opinions. One of the most common statements from those who have designed and built these rigs is the build becomes its own thing after a while. You change plans and redesign the layout so many times, your tiny home on wheels becomes a part of you.

When I got divorced I wanted to find something that was taking a negative situation and making it a positive that we could all do something together so it kind of was a seed of an idea early on

and then that was the catalyst of like yeah I go do this thing and design it together and create something three of us. We kind of came around to the idea of it being a sprinter and this was just a

cargo van at the time sitting on the lot.

My dad like didn't really think you're gonna get it he was like oh this is just like a crazy idea but I was like hey Dad if we get this we name it blue hawk and he was like where'd that come from

I was like I don't know and he was like sure we're not gonna get it whatever you want.

In my head I'm thinking I kind of Jedi mind trick them into getting the exact band that I want by the time we design it out. so in my head it was gonna be very dark very woodsy very cabin like very masculine and very early on Paige started doing these videos she's just like I really want a yellow fridge or have a yellow fridge and then she's on Instagram saying if you think that I should have a yellow fridge then do then do hashtag team yellow fridge.

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