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Do You know where is this thermal baths don't think so !

These are known as the thermal baths of Bjenja and are located 14 km from the town of Përmet Albania . In the Petran commune, there are 6 sources of massive rock ranges on both sides of the Lengarica River. The way to go to these natural monuments is through the automobile routes Përmet-Petran-Bënjë. Sulfur-based waters have very high curative effects from which 4 sources are used for chronic rheumatoid disease, another for stomach diseases, and last for skin disease. Banja thermal waters have a temperature of 26-32 ºC

The heated water flows down the river unless it gets diverted into one of the several human-made pools. They’re a splendid spot for a hot soak on a crisp, cool day.

Some say the baths have healing properties. As such, you may see some locals arriving to bathe there and reap the water’s alleged health benefits. The pools are off the beaten path, though, so you can still expect a fair amount of privacy.

It’s a gorgeous spot to camp—if you don’t mind spending the night breathing in air saturated with the stinky stench of sulphur.

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