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Fabulous Timber Framed construction 20K Tiny House, TIMELAPSE.

We cut down dead trees and built a one-of-kind timber framed tiny home on wheels! We now live off-grid in the middle of the woods where we have to chase off bears and make our own power. We didn't know what we were getting ourselves into. We've never built anything before when we committed to building ourselves a tiny home. We made many mistakes and took much longer than we ever thought we would. But what we ended up building, surprised us with its' beauty. The imperfect beams remind us of the hours we spent with chisels in our hands and determination on our brows.

At times we only held on to a whisper of the tiny dream, but somehow we reached our little slice of heaven. We now live nestled in the woods at the foot of a meadow, where we live life on our own terms.

Meet Edwin and Clara, Their Tiny house build started in June of 2018 on a 24ft x 97.5in 14k Tiny House Basic’s Trailer with Drop Axles but the journey truly began in 2015. Living in San Diego at the time, both of them separately began daydreaming about tiny home living. Edwin was pursuing an Environmental Engineering degree from UCSD and Clara was at a local community college pursuing Natural Sciences. Throughout this year, Edwin and Clara both began questioning their life paths.

The degrees they were pursuing didn’t seem to guarantee the life they wanted to have. To chalk it up, society’s game didn’t sit right with them. To take out massive amounts of loans for school, for a house and then work for the rest of your life to catch up with your spending? They didn’t feel good about signing up for that race.

They saw going tiny as the key to living the lifestyle they both desired. This is when they began sketching, talking, and pondering how they could make their very own tiny home.

Back in Northern California, a huge fire wrecked the community and hometown where Edwin was from. A close family, Paul, Debra, and their son Connor lost their home that took them thirty years to build. Edwin wanted to help them rebuild their home and Paul presented an offer that was too good to pass on. Edwin and Clara helped rebuild their home and Paul helps them build their dream tiny home on wheels. Paul is an ER doctor by trade but a builder/woodworker by hobby.

They knew very little about building. Edwin had taken a couple of carpentry classes in highschool. Clara had never even held a drill in her life. However, they were both determined. Through the process of rebuilding their friend’s home, they learned and developed new skills. Felling trees, milling their own wood, electrical, plumbing, timber framing, sheetrock, and cabinetry just to name a few.

Once Edwin and Clara saw the finish of their friend’s barn and 2000sqft house, it was time to start on theirs. Throughout the three year process of building, there were many ups and downs. Financial costs, giving up spending time with family and friends and the long working days were just some of the obstacles set in their way.

The anticipated arrival of the wedding was just the motivation they needed to push the project forward. They were looking forward to sharing their hard work, for all of their friends and family to see. At the beginning of 2020, they finally moved their Tiny Home off of their friends’ property and onto their own. Since then they have been honing in tiny living, making constant improvements and basking in the light of their hard work and dedication.

Because of the timber frame style they constructed, they feel as if they are living in an art piece. Their large windows allow for ample natural light and views to the beautiful property they sit on. The simplicity of living tiny has enriched their lives. It’s allowed them to pursue other ventures that are on the horizon.


Follow Edwin & Clara on (Instagram and Tik Tok): @TinyHomeWildAdventures

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