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Functional Tiny House On Wheels-DIY Sprinter Camper Van With Shower & Bathroom.

Brett and Yulia were incredibly thoughtful during the build process. They assessed everything they knew they didn't want to live without and made sure to make room for it. They are self proclaimed minimalists, but wanted a shower, which is not an easy fit in cargo van. The final product turned out absolutely beautiful though and you can see how much care went into the construction of each and every section. They also made sure to use materials that don't off-gas or have harmful chemicals and now they truly have the home of their dreams.

We met about seven years ago at a photography program at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa it was a professional photography program so we needed a partner at the time for lab work.

I was looking for a partner and they walked down the hole and I see a couple of guys standing around them like… does anybody need a partner and then Brett's like yeah I need a partner and he ditched his part so after four months of being photography partners we started dating.

Originally I wanted to build cabins like tiny little tiny homes in the in forests mostly we love the Pacific Northwest so we wanted to kind of move up there on a property and build tiny homes.

We down or scaled it down a little bit so we came across van life on Instagram saw a bunch of pictures I was like wow this is like incredible exactly what I wanna do that's perfect and we love traveling we've always done a bunch of traveling we always do road trips but we're very spontaneous travelers so this is perfect because we can go anywhere and we don't have to have plants.

We wanted to have a bathroom on it have a shower a big enough kitchen good sleeping area so I wanted it to feel like home yeah we kind of wanted to make it almost like a spa or like a little retreat so we started doing research on the materials like what's the safest insulation what is the safest you know wood or types of stains to use it really feels so good in this space like it it's a such an open uncluttered space we feel good like cooking on the counters and eating off of the counters.

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