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Gorgeous 2011 Ford Transit Conversion like a Honeybee!

Honeybee is a truly original conversion. Inspired by her black and yellow exterior, and a love of bees, her owners created a campervan that is truly deserving of her name and befitting of a queen. From the honeycomb cutout motif found throughout the woodwork, to the illustrated bee books, to the wild flower seed bombs, she will give you an unbee-lievable experience.

Conversion Story: Honeybee started life in 2011 as a Citylink van. In May 2017, we (John and Cat) began converting her into our ideal campervan. We wanted to create a space that was light, spacious and extra comfortable. We were keen to use locally sourced products wherever we could; organic sheep wool from Wales for the insulation and EU made Birch plywood for the walls and cupboards.

We set out to recycle materials when possible, so we used the old heavy duty plywood flooring as the platform for the bed, the metal cut out from fitting the windows to line the hob and grill and Birch pallet wood for the bed frame, window sills and table. We named her very early during the build after taking the bright yellow paintwork as inspiration. We then ran with the bee theme using the honeycomb cutouts for the cupboard doors, drawers and on the 'wardrobe wall' at the back of the van.

We spent weeks sourcing the finishing details like the yellow hooks made from recycled steel and the speakers with bright yellow cones! There are beautifully illustrated books on the Bee in one of the drawers in the van, perfect bedtime or rainy day reading! We also supply wild flower seed bombs for you to launch at unsuspecting verges and roundabouts! The Honeybee is equipped with a huge 300 watt UK made solar panel.

This charges the large capacity leisure batteries very quickly, (even when it's cloudy!), meaning that all the lighting, sound system, usb charging, mains socket and fridge with freezer compartment are powered by the sun's rays! The front seats have been professionally reupholstered by Cat of Catupholstery.

They look great thanks to the yellow piping and are comfortable on long drives too! They also swivel, maximising space inside. Cat also made the curtains, headboard and large storage pockets on the rear doors. We love Honeybee and can't wait for others to enjoy her too!

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