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Gorgeous Ford Transit with high top van 170 Extended.

The open road is waiting for you this summer! Take your adventures to the next level in this gorgeous custom-built best van for van life! The classic white exterior without any flashy add-ons allows you to travel more discretely, park in more versatile places, and camp without vehicle restrictions or paying a premium price! Built in 2020 in a 2019 Ford Transit with the high top van and extended length, it is practically brand new and will take you on countless road trips and experiences well into the future with a peace of mind regarding reliability and safety! But not at the expense of comfort and style…this campervan features a queen size memory foam mattress with plenty of room to sit up in bed, custom made furniturelike shaker cabinetry with sleek black hardware finishes.

White ceramic farmhouse kitchen sink style paired with geometric ceramic tile backsplash topped with sliding hooks great for hanging baskets and hand towels, a pop of color with a beautiful blue kitchen topped with a food safe all-natural birch wood countertops with matching pull out kitchen table.

Stained pine wood ceiling boasts warm tones balanced with the creamy white wood paneled walls which gives a light and airy atmosphere, eight adjustable cool white ceiling lights, luxury vinyl wood floor, ample storage with unique floor to ceiling closet space that includes three open shelves and hanging space with clothing rod and closing door (can double as discreet toilet storage), overhead cabinets, kitchen cabinets, two large storage benches that double as seating for you and guests, and a huge garage in the back perfect for storing all your outdoor adventure gear!

And when you get back from a long day of hiking or just relaxing on the beach, you will have a top opening 50 quart Dometic fridge/freezer combo on drawer slides, filled with easily a weeks worth of groceries! And if your travels take you to places with overcast weather or you simply prefer to park in the cool shade, not to worry as this van comes with two gel Renogy batteries with 400 AMP hours that recharge as you drive! With a full charge you can easily have a fully powered home for five days without having to relocate.

This system powers all electrical work including 12 speed airmaxx fan for circulation and a nice breeze, ceiling lights, fridge/freezer, and power strip which allows for plugging in electronics such as phone and computer chargers. Travel with running water to drink, do dishes, and even for a quick sink bath with a convenient 12 gallon capacity.

When traveling in cooler weather, you will easily stay warm with the high quality foam board and moisture barrier insulation that lines the floors, walls, and ceiling. Travel comfortably without using the generator in temperatures as low as in the 30’s!

The Build


  • large ceramic farmhouse kitchen sink

  • extendable sleek black faucet with dual spray feature

  • food grade all natural finished birch wood butcher block countertop (Tung oil & citrus orange peel oil seal)

  • matching butcher block table/desk on 250lb drawer slides (slides in and out for easy use, hook & latch)

  • ceramic geometric tile backsplash with 5 sliding hooks for hanging mesh baskets, utensils, towels, mugs, etc

  • kitchen cabinets painted with gorgeous soft color pop (Nostalgia blue from Valspar)

  • full plumbing with water pump, water accumulator, and 12 gallons of fresh water storage, 6 gallons of raw water storage

  • top opening 50 quart Dometic dual fridge/freezer with adjustable settings (holds a week worth of groceries)


  • queen size bed platform with extended length and width space (can sleep length or width wise comfortably, able to sit up in bed with plenty of head clearance while still maintaining maximum storage space beneath)

  • 7in memory foam mattress

  • 2 large windows in rear with individual short curtains to allow light but maintain privacy

  • 2 suspended sliding light blocking curtains

  • 12 speed airmaxx fan over the bed for circulation and breeze


  • floors, walls, and ceiling are fully insulated with foam board insulation

  • includes vaper barrier of construction grade plastic and reflectix insulation

  • stained spruce pine wood walls and ceiling

  • luxury vinyl flooring with painted trim boards

  • 8 recessed cool white led puck lights on dimmer switches, 2 zones (front zone and rear zone)


  • custom made shaker cabinets with modern black hardware and high strength magnets/closures (don’t knock open when driving on rough roads)

  • 4 above head cabinets that span the length of the van (perfect for food, dishes, pots, pans, etc)

  • floor to ceiling closet behind driver seat with 3 open shelves with lip and closed bottom space with door (includes hanging rod for clothing or this space can double as discreet storage of toilet)

  • 3 kitchen cabinets below countertop for water jugs, trash, cooktop stove, and additional storage

  • 3 tiered metal shelves within kitchen cabinet

  • 3 tiered bamboo crates stacked behind driver seat (great for shoes, dog food, extra towels, anything for quick access!)

  • 5 hooks behind drivers seat for hats & jackets

  • large open “garage” area under bed platform for large storage items or outdoor gear

  • closet space/storage under long bench

  • storage space under short bench

Electrical system

  • 2 Gel Renogy 200 Amp Hour Batteries (400 amp hours total)

  • battery Isolator (uses alternator to charge batteries as you drive)

  • 2000 watt Renogy inverter (to use 120v appliances)

  • battery charger (to plug in battery system to shore power through extension cord, and can charge house batteries)

  • battery monitor (to show % of battery life and other displays on battery usage)

  • 3500 water Predator gas generator (extremely quiet)

  • electrical system was installed by professional engineer without any issues

Vehicle Info

2019 Ford Transit 250 High Roof Extended 170 with 62,500 miles

high roof with comfortable standing room at 80in tall (just over 6.5 feet)

4 brand new Firestone 10 ply tires bought in April

oil changes every 4 - 5K miles (have a log and records for all maintenance)

new rear brake rotors and break pads at 30,000 miles

new front break pads at 55,000 miles

No issues with the van (mechanical, electrical, or build)


Price: 70.000$

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Contact Seller: travelingtinyhome


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