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Gorgeous French-style 2017 Fiat camper-van Conversion.

Candide has been designed to feel as though you are stepping into a fresh, sharp but still rustic French apartment. This pet friendly three-berth campervan rental London has been professionally converted by his owners – a cabinet maker and a luthier to create an incredibly high quality and top spec campervan. Every detail of this gorgeous French-style camper van has been lovingly considered; from the mismatched Delft style tiles, to the character oak cladding and worktops, to the handmade copper tap and decorations.

Combined with Candide's large solar panel, inverter and double leisure batteries this makes him the perfect van for off grid adventures. There is lots of internal storage space inside the living area for all your clothes and food, and there is a dedicated space under the fixed bed for a dog crate.

Conversion Story: Candide was previously a long distance freight transport van and spent the first two years of his life cruising up and down the motorways. We are his second owners. We bought Candide in April 2019 and carried out all elements of the conversion other than the install of the water tanks ourselves - it was a real labour of love!

We wanted our van to feel like a beautiful tiny apartment - a space where you could almost forget you were in a vehicle, with all the conveniences you need easily to hand. We wanted a clean, relaxing yet quirky space with a luxury finish and worked obsessively to ensure every last detail on the van was right.

We hope you find this space as comfortable and enjoyable to be in as we do!

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