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Gorgeous Tiny house with Two separate rooms.

The tiny house Astrild has two mezzanines in height to accommodate a small family through two separate rooms. The parental bedroom is accessed by a staircase with storage space. Up there is a bed of 150x200cm, as well as a cupboard for clothes. A ladder makes it possible to go up to the child's room opposite. Both sleeping areas are secured with wooden balustrades.

On the ground floor, there is the living room with a removable oak and spruce top, a large sofa surrounded by windows and a long bookshelf above.The kitchen itself is particularly spacious and equipped. A large window height provides a good dose of light between the two mezzanines.

A wood stove is installed on the wall in front of it and allows to heat the whole house in winter.

Finally, the bathroom is equipped with dry toilets with stainless bucket and chip compartment, as well as a shower of 80x80 cm.Outside, shelves sink into the wall under the large window to accommodate the aromatic herbs.The tiny house Astrild is located near Besançon.It is the main habitat of Celine, his companion and his daughter.

The house is built by :Baluchon

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