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Handmade Wooden Game of Thrones theme Music Box

A very nice gift for yourself or for someone who is a super fan of the game of thrones. All is handmade and comes with a very small price.

Price : US $16.95

Below you have all the specifics:

Wooden design: a cute creative gift for your friends, spouse, sweetheart, relatives or yourself!

The music box consists of a high quality wooden box and a high quality movement. Open the box and you will see how the movement works.

The last key on the back, you need to roll it up first, then let it go, it will play the song over and over again for about 1-2 minutes!

Mechanical music box, no battery required .

The wonderful melody plays 18 notes rhythm.

The cover of the music box can be customized for free engraving, and the music box cover can be customized for free.

This is a clockwork music box! The theme is that Game of Thrones.

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