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Living In A DIY promaster Camper Van Over Paying Apartment Rent - Gorgeous Custom Design.

Nate & Courtney didn't want to spend any more money on rent so they decided to invest in a custom DIY camper van. One of Courtney's priorities was a functional yet gorgeous kitchen, and they really pulled it off. Just because your home is small, it doesn't mean you can't have a luxury home. This couple proved that!

we bought the van in December of 2018 and we moved out of our apartment in February and I think when we moved out we had just our subfloor down so we had basically nothing and we lived in it throughout the whole building process which was kind of crazy but we made it work it exceeded my expectations by a lot.

Our van it's a ram promaster 2500 with the 159 wheelbase so this Pro Master's got the v6 engine in it it's got front-wheel drive so it's been able to get us through a lot of tough roads.Got some decent tires on it and we also have our roof rack this is a fiamma roof rack mainly just to house our solar panels we got up top and there's 4 100 watt solar panels. when we bought the van we actually bought it with no windows on it it was just a cargo van so we installed windows it's all glass look.


I personally really love to take like little short trips like get out of town. We work on the weekend so we always have weekdays off so we love to go on short trips like San Diego or up to Malibu or just local kind of and we were always getting hotels and Airbnb and we're like you might as well just build our own little place that we can go and stay and just take trips whenever we want.

So that was kind of my main motivator we also wanted to get a dog and our apartment didn't allow dogs so we couldn't afford to buy a house we were like we'll just build a van and then we can get a dog and that's what we did.

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