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Living in TINY HOUSE on wheels OFF GRID | £3000 Sprinter Van Conversion.

In April 2019, we purchased an old 2002 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (LWB, High top, 2.4L Turbo Engine). We finished converting it in August 2019, whilst working full time jobs, and have now hit the open road traveling and living full time! - We spent a rough total of £3000 for the conversion.

We normally live on grid in the van we've been living off grid for three months while camp because obviously with electricity is well you know we built it to be off-grid to save money as well. We have been officially on the road living in the van travel in for the first time for about three months, now we are unfortunately there we're due to the current world crisis we're currently stuck in.

We're safely and securely in a campsite in Marrakesh until we wait out the worst of the storm and can safely channel back to the UK which is quite sad because we were planning on continuing our travels. So we're gonna go south of Spain and south of France on the way back maybe get back by about May but now it's probably gonna be earlier Congo Spain ,France.

We've both always wanted to live a different lifestyle and felt there had to be more to life, but needed the freedom to get it all figured out - Then came Van Life! Which gave us freedom in an inexpensive way. Now we live in this beautiful home on wheels that we created together, where life feels open and free. Let's see where the open road takes us!!

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