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Modern 28 m Off-grid Tiny House Build in forest with outside bath.


This off-grid cabin is an escape from the high stress of busy work life. The brief was to capture that and design a building as a piece of furniture with everything the client needs built-in. The only furniture allowed was a low table and mattress on the sleeping loft. The cabin opens onto an east and west deck, capturing morning and afternoon sun while affording views to the south.


The cabins 28 metres squared as a footprint it also has an 8 meter squared loft and 3 6 meter squared external decks. The design of the cabin was largely born out of a response to the site the views to the South quite picturesque whereas they needed to catch some light to the north. The roof is sloped to angle the solar panels directly to the winter Sun.

A high roof allowed solar panels and a skylight to catch sun from over the trees.


The pergola is a narrow doorway in a landscape that allows you to pass through and then when you walk down the stepping stones down towards. The cabin it gives you the ability to have a real sense of arrival at the cabin. The cabin lends itself to this idea of escape and renewal in the landscape in the wilderness is a really kind of special thing that you don't normally get to do .

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