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Imagine yourself as the new owner of this dream van! As the clouds disperse, and the sun shines brightly for a new day, your spirit reawakens from a great night’s sleep in a supersized bed and premium memory foam mattress, which extends on lock out sliders for extra room and extra luxury.

You peer out of the open van doors and feel the crisp morning air dancing around you while the colours of the sky change from pink to blue. In fact, the sky matches the exterior colours of the van, painted in four different types of pink, including the comforting Dorchester pink. This highly pigmented formula adds personality and tranquillity to the van. You hear the birds singing their joyous songs, the trees wiggle and shake as the woodland creatures begin to stir, and the beauty your wild surrounding set your heart on alight.

You glide over to the gorgeous ceramic farmhouse sink to fill up your kettle to make a cosy cup of tea with local fresh milk you’ve stored in the fridge. From your first sip, you are instantly relaxed. After having a peaceful start to the morning, you grab some flour and eggs, placing them on the solid oak worktop to create the most perfect breakfast pancakes. All the pots and pans have easy access in the soft close magnet lock doors and drawers paired with the chunky D&R infinity handles, inspired from one of nature’s very own geometric shapes. The natural clay tiles are the last of a handmade batch from Morocco, further awakening your senses to mystery in the air, bursting with happiness, new beginnings, and the potential adventures that await you.

You may decide to begin with a bike ride, so you head round the back to the spacious garage area, grabbing your beach gear and helmet to take a ride down the beach. When you return to the van, you can stow your gear into the back. If you’ve worked up a sweat, rinse off in the instant hot water outdoor shower that is easily accessible, and a warm welcome after a work-out. OR you can pop inside and utilize the super sneaky shower located under one of the bench seats. Simply lift the copper shower rail, hook it onto the ceiling- and voilà! You have an inside shower, with space for the Thetford 365 toilet as well.

All clean and refreshed, it’s time for an afternoon snack! The Lagun table leg is perfect for placing your charcuterie board for afternoon tasty delights, and perhaps a glass or two of your favourite tipple. It’s quiet out with no one around. You are off-grid and have the coast to yourself.

You’ll love the huge solar capacity and massive Bluetooth Victron power system giving you the freedom to connect to unlimited power. You can put your feet up and relax on the lucky horseshoe bench seats with 10cm thick memory foam pads, which also turn into a second bed area with the extra cushions.

Later, as you’re engrossed in the enchanting hues of sunset, you enjoy your favourite film and grab a blanket from the easily accessible overhead storage. You get tucked into bed and appreciate the beautifully detailed ceiling strip lights with natural LEDs that can be dimmed by a smartphone or remote switch, both overhead and in the garage. Another one of our favourite elements includes the huge Dometic Heki 2 window above the bed- perfect for stargazing the night away.

Sleep warmly and stay cosy with the click of a button! A Truma heater with an LCD screen and timer have been installed for comfort in colder months, or the Max Air Fan for the occasional heat of those English summers. This van has privacy tint with blackout windows and blinds to ensure a great night’s rest. You can also rest easy, knowing that the van has an electrical safety certificate, weight check and gas safe certificate, making it ready to roll (or rent if you choose).

We will you find our creation well equipped, feature-rich, and full of extraordinary marvels. We can’t promise bright skies every day, but we can provide a transformative, ultra-rare and spectacular experience with this Cotton Candy Cloud.

Find a beautiful place to expand and nourish your soul. Oh, the places you’ll go!

Vehicle Description

  • Begin your next journey and nourish your soul with experiences that make you feel alive. Oh, the places you’ll go!

  • Wolf box dash/reverse cam & CCTV along with factory fit camera so 2 views for reversing.

  • 500watts of german solar cells – 220amp hours lithium leisure battery – 240 volts and intelligent Victron multi-plus electrical hook-up

  • Sockets fridge and heater to run solely from hookup if need then roll away and they work with the off grid system thanks to the Victron multiplus system.

  • Full victron electrical system for endless and unlimited off-grid power

  • Instant hot water and heating – Truma combi 4 E uses gas to heat the room and the water. Can also use electricity for those night on grid and save on gas.

  • 4 season insulation – We use a varity of products for insualting but the main thermal properites are from organic recycled polyester the same stuff in your synthetic puffer jackets

  • Toilet – Thetford 365

  • Fully safety certified and ready to rent

  • Large fridge-freezer – Dometic CRX 50 with main adapter to automatically go from mains to offgrid.

  • Interior pop up shower

  • Hobs oven and grill – Thetford triplex

  • Huge refillable underslung gas tank

  • Easy fill 75 ltr fresh water tank

  • Outside hot shower

  • Massive extendable bed

  • Second double bed made up from lucky horse shoe seats

  • 3 belted seats

  • Exterior painted in official colours and paints

  • Raptor paint below bumpers to protect from rust and chips

  • Privacy windows – Loads of light and also insulated pads to black out.

  • Practical light and airy space with loads of storage.

  • Hard wearing interior paint from Little green national trust.

  • Organic as can be and carbon net zero

  • Washable soft hydrophobic seat covers and window insulators

Beds Description

One extra comfy King size up top in the rear of vehicle. This bed is 170cm wide and 140cm long + 60cm extender to turn it into luxury super king size. Then the lucky horse shoe shape seats turn into the second bed. This is 170cm wide and 120cm at the narrowest part. Sleep soundly on the plush mattresses where comfort is second to none.


Campervan: Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Year: 2015

Miles: 116,000

Bearths: 4

Price: 44,700£

Contact: 07933482253 Or Instagram @vansandrecreation

Amazing Vehicle with full service history. 12 month Mot. HPI clear. Just had full engine and body service inc’ Brakes, Tyres, Oil, Filters, Bulbs. Everything renewed including full paint work and body work like new.


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