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Powerful story of life transformation after a near-fatal motorcycle accident.

Throwback to a few years ago when we met Richard Ward, a designer, artist, and DIY tiny house dweller. He shared with us his powerful story of life transformation after a near-fatal motorcycle accident. This inspired him to reprioritize his life around his passions, quit his office job, and build a tiny house on wheels.

He designed a truly clever small space, with home office space, and built it with an impressive number of salvaged and reclaimed materials. 🍻 It's an ideal bachelor pad with efficient storage for bikes & beer-- 3 bicycles and 2 beer taps.

So my name is Richard Ward you are in my tiny house on wheels that I designed and built from the ground up. I was able to quit my job a couple months ago and start my own business you know I've got so much more time for what I want to do in life and I don't have to wake up every morning saying oh I have to do this or I have to do that it's you know the work I do now it's I want to work for these people and so it's fun for me or I want to go bike for the day like it's nice out I don't want to do I don't want to sit in a chair all day and I'll work at night or whatever so it's kind of my my journey.

My story going into the tiny house world started with probably the worst year of my entire life .when I graduate a college I've really wanted a motorcycle and so that was my graduation present to myself. I had the bike for three days was riding home from work and a lady ran me over because she was texting and driving .shattered my femur shattered my leg ended up having to get a rod put in my femur and a plate in my ankle.

About a year recovery from accident - you know back to normal during that time I spent a lot of time in a in a hospital bed just with nothing to do and realize life is short, I was just riding home from work I had plans for the weekend I was just living my life and then that day my life completely changed.

After that I kind of realized I didn't want to do the corporate job and the 40 hours a week and waking up every morning going I don't want to go to work today is gonna be awful and so I was trying to figure out what I could do to not do that, and lives more like I wanted to live and happen to come across a tiny house on Facebook and clicked on it, just kind of out of interest and didn't think much of it and it just kind of got engrained in my brain and I would see more things and then start doing more research and from there went to from you know.. I can never do this too well what if I designed one and like .I'm actually gonna do this and then from there the trailer showed up and the wall showed up and four and a half months later I was living in my tiny house.

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