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Restoring World War I Trench Lighter!


This World War I Trench lighter in in dire need of restoration and repair. It's missing some parts and rusted badly. I started restoring this lighter long ago but I continued now because I finally came up with a plan to make new screw for the bottom. Th lighter was made by Imco.


This lighter did not have many parts to disassemble. I left the cap attached to the body because it was riveted on and removing it would have cause unnecessary damage to the body I can mask the cap during nickel plating to keep the parts in their original colors.

I used ketchup to polish the used brass parts. Ketchup has vinegar and enzymes that help with cleaning the brass. It's also readily in nice paste form so it's easy to apply on the surface and it doesn't smell like vinegar. Enojy the Full restoring VIDEO.


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