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She Chose Van Life After Suffering Loss - Finds Pure Happiness On The Road

Hi I'm Sam and this is my van van DAF banned off the gray band off the white depends on what time of year it is and where I'm at it depends uh in in Colorado it's definitely been off the the gray.

To be honest with you the reason that I got out on the road might sound a little bit morbid I just had a lot of loss in my life over a short period of time and I realized that life really is very very short and so I didn't know van life was the thing.

I just was interested in finding more pure happiness and figuring out like who I really am not like trying to fit into all these places I've been told to be and and the things I'm supposed to do so I didn't know that van life was the thing and I started car camping and then I realized I wanted something bigger and boom my whole world cracked open when I found Sprinter conversions.

Thank you guys so much for coming by and visiting my place it's always great to have visitors and I think I think you guys have made it to be the most visitors I've ever had in my van at one point so I'm so glad you guys came by and checked it out you can follow me and more of my adventures. I have a website and a YouTube channel and an Instagram and they're all Sam van Sam so my name is Sam and I live in a van and my last cat's name was Zamboni so there you go Sam vans I am when you when you find me say hi cuz I'm obviously super approachable I'm obviously like a real jerk so just like screw off guys no say hi and tell me where you came from and I hope to see

you on the road because this life is amazing and if it's for you get out there and grab it man quit wait and adventure before dementia.

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