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Super diet that saves lives, preserves the planet and feeds all mankind


A new diet promises to save lives, feed 10 billion people, all without causing catastrophic damage to the planet. Scientists have tried to pinpoint how to feed billions more in the decades to come.

Their answer is: a healthy planetary diet, which does not completely stop meat and dairy products, but requires a fundamental change in what people actually put into plates, as well as a return to the foods we rarely use.

If you consume meat every day, then this is the first problem. For red meat you can use a hamburger a week, or a big steak a month, and that's enough. You can still consume fish and chicken portions once a week, but plants provide the rest of the protein that people need.


Researchers recommend nuts, hazelnuts, etc., and legumes that help a lot every day. There is also a great orientation towards fruits and vegetables, which should make up half of every plate of food we consume. But there is a declassification of frozen vegetables.

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