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Tell me the first picture you see, to tell you how you fall in love

Everyone sees the world in a unique way, which defines your personality as well. So, the first thing you see in this picture will tell you how you experience love.

1-The Face of an Elder - This means that you are always looking for great things in romantic relationships. You want romantic gestures, but these are not enough to make you fall in love. You want a relationship to have freedom and security. If your partner offers these, then fall in love head-to-head.

2-Horseman - You find it hard to fall in love. No matter how much effort or attention the other person tells you, it is not enough for you to give your "heart". You are always looking for the perfect person. It's nice to be smart, but I just have one tip for you: Open your eyes! Maybe you already have a special person you don't know how to appreciate.

3- Girl in a river - This means that you have been badly hurt in the past and afraid of love. We have all experienced trauma in the past, but this should not determine the future. You have to be careful, but not close all options. There are loves that last forever and you just have to believe it.

4- A stone near the river - You love the concept of being in love. The free spirit of exploration is all about you. You consider life to be an epic journey, but there are times when it is best to slow down and relax a bit.

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