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The most Gorgeous and very functional Tiny House You'll Ever See.

Tiny SMART House is a custom tiny house builder out of Albany, Oregon. What does it mean to build a Tiny S.M.A.R.T House? Sustainable construction, Modern efficiency, Affordable luxury, Residential, RV or commercial and Towable anywhere. One of our company’s goals is to help facilitate people to go tiny however works for them, so we are fully licensed and certified to build RV travel trailers, park models, residential homes, prefabricated homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).

We’re also proud to offer a variety of services (in addition to fully finished tiny houses) depending on our clients’ needs, including plans alone, design services and construction documents, or a partially finished home such as a shell. Let us help you make your tiny dreams come true!

For many people, going tiny means more than jumping on the tiny house movement bandwagon. The tiny house movement is about simplifying life, cutting down expenses, traveling more and living without the looming burden of debt. For others, it’s about reducing your environmental footprint and facilitating healthy, active habits. Most clients also love the idea of being able to design and move into a new home that is completely suited to their needs and lifestyle, rather than something that’s been laid out for mass appeal and resale value.

Tiny SMART House Details:

  • Lengths available: From 16' - 44' Standard trailer width: 8' (8'6" outside edge to outside edge), 10' - 12' widths available

  • Roof: Shed

The Hiatus House was designed by Tongue & Groove Tiny Homes for their cottage community in Bend, OR. Tiny SMART House was hired to build the houses for this development, and is proud to announce that the model home is officially complete!

Build By : Tiny SMART House

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