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This Budget Micro Cabin in the Woods Van Conversion will make you Swoon.

Frye's van conversion of his westfalia into a budget micro cabin in the woods is one that will make you reconsider simple living and vanlife.

My name is Frye, I'm a young van dweller, life enthusiast, and lifestyle photographer. I grew up in Indiana and headed 3,000 miles West the day that I graduated High School. I have been living in my 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon for over four years now, enjoying life and rolling with the punches.

I find enjoyment in long backpacking trips, bouldering, and sunsets. I can be found running around the Northwest, hidden away in the woods working towards my goal of mountain based homesteading.

I love making new friends and being connected and interacting with people. I find that I'll make friends and I'll shortly leave so I don't have a lot of time to get to know them, which is unfortunate. On the bright side the people that you meet are usually doing something somewhat similar and you know that whether they're 2,500 miles away or 25 miles away, you'll probably see them again.

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