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This is not a tiny house! This is a lifeboat, a chance to break out of the walls of our urban lives.

This building is founded on a sturdy 3 axle, custom steel trailer. Recycled hardwood portal frames with custom steel bracing ties and brackets form the main skeleton. Hardwood marine ply and reclaimed weathered corrugated iron clad the exterior.

To break away from the trailer footprint, we have incorporated fold-up corrugated eaves, large steel framed East-orientated glazing, and an operable gas strut window. Through this primary aperture, our bed platform rolls out and cantilevers from the trailer base. This treehouse-like element is covered from above by the Kundig-esque window and protected from bugs by a mosquito net hung at points from the window frame.

Internally all the structural bones are exposed, and the natural textures of the surfaces are left bare. Toasted cork floors, mild steel elements, and recycled hardwood joinery carry the simplified palette of materials from the outside in.

The bathroom is a continuance of the space and aesthetic, with burnished steel, hardwood detailing, and copper and brass plumbing fittings. The shower is pushed forward onto the trailer’s drawbar reaching out of the building volume. The shower has operable glass louvers to immerse our patrons at once in the landscape and a halo of steamy hot water.

Stella is fitted with everything a hotel guest needs, and nothing they don't. She's all about quality over quantity, exuding authenticity and craftsmanship not before seen in a tiny home. With a focus on low environmental impact, the materials provide an aesthetic which is sustainable and distinctively Victorian.

Guests will truly be able to get back to nature and embrace the elements during their stay – enjoying a bespoke roll-out sleeping platform for stargazing.

Stella visits central Gippsland from October, then moves across to the Great Ocean Road and Grampians regions in early 2023, spending eight weeks in each location.


Visit: Stella The Stargazer:



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