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This off-grid dwelling PREFAB POD Tiny house is sure to catch the eyes of many.

Jupe’s design embraces the beauty of patina andutility, with every unit made to wear with grace and endure age with resilience. Upon entering a Jupe, travelers are welcomed to cavernous ceiling heights of 11 feet, so they can comfortably maneuver when occupying it. Prioritizing small space with big impact, Jupe’s 111-square-foot space is cloaked in a high-quality fire-resistant canvas soft-top and is grounded by finished Baltic birch wood tile-flooring.

To reduce clutter, Jupe’s sturdy and finished Baltic birch wood floors open up to individual storage cubbies which create 38 cubic feet of storage - enough space to store ten large suitcases.

Beyond a massive interior, side windows heighten the sense of openness, providing cross-ventilation and natural light.The unit’s front-facing facade can open into a single large panoramic window to take in awe-inspiring wide angle views.


Splashes of warm desert tones enliven a minimal aesthetic that merges contemporary and functional design. Each Jupe comes furnished with your choice of a queen-size bed or two extra-large twin-size beds with Nectar mattresses. Every unit comes with a designer desk, chair and ottoman.

Every Jupe comes with four interiorUSB/electricaloutlets as well as interiordimmable LEDsthat create a soft glow on the interior of the Jupe. To ensure continuous power and connectivity anywhere and anytime, you can opt for an off-grid battery and solar array package.


$200 Off All Cabinets No Code needed, Visit Site


Designed with mobility in mind, units are shipped flat-packed and can be easily assembled or disassembled on-site in a matter of hours. Jupe’s chassis foundation means no decking or foundation needs to be built, and makes units adaptable to most terrains while leaving the land as minimally disturbed as if you had pitched and staked a tent.

Engineered and designed by some of the best in the industry, the Jupe is well built and engineered to be efficiently setup anywhere and comes at a reasonable price starting at under $20k. Designed to be an off-grid shelter, it does not include running water or a bathroom but the use cases are still endless from remote cabins, back yard office, glamping pod, and nightly rental.



BASE PRICE(USD): $17,000 SQUARE FEET(SF): 111SF SLEEPS: Up to 2 LAYOUT: 1 Bedroom BUILT BY: Jupe Inc. SHIPS TO: USA TYPE: Prefab Pod DIMENSIONS(in FT): 8' x 14'


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