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THIS OFF-ROAD VAN IS LITERALLY Magnific | Couple's High-spec Van Conversion For Under $10k.

We are PHILP & LIDIA, an international married couple from Florida and Spain living the van life for the past 5 years. We are passionate surfer/skaters living the California dream, looking for the best skate and surf spots everywhere we go. For the past few years we've been traveling in our tiny home on wheels all over the United States, parts of Canada, and Mexico and we are getting ready to start our expedition South America in our new self converted 4X4 Ford E-350.

Lidia and Philip built this incredible, luxurious self-build campervan for full-time vanlife in California and pursue a life of travel, surfing and skating! They have an awesome channel of their own, where they vlog about their travels and life so make sure to check it out to see more from these two!

Their van is really impressive and features a massive solar array, allowing them to stay off-grid all the time, as well as all the mod cons you could wish for in a campervan; oven, fridge etc. It also has a stunning interior and nice clean finish.

These lifestyle allows you to be more yourself and know yourself so that's why I would totally

recommend it because we aren't skaters and surfers but we met people that they love rock climbing or like they are musicians and you connect with yourself a little more you know what you like to do because you are in a smaller space so normally you don't want to just sit around all day in this van you're gonna try to pursue what you what you love so honestly I think everybody should try it do it for like a year in their life and it'll probably change them if you want to have financial freedom especially while you're young trying to figure out your life definitely live in a van so you can have more freedom to experience different lifestyles.


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