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This Promaster VAN Tiny House has EVERYTHING! Kitchen, Roof Deck & Bathroom!

It's not often that you see a van dwelling that has EVERYTHING! Meet Aaron and Meg, and take a tour their amazing van - the Van Damme - complete with a chef's kitchen (for Meg), and rooftop deck, and a full bathroom with an indoor shower.

Before we moved into the van and started living the van life we were working full-time on yachts. I'm a private super yacht chef and Erin I've probably been pretty salty for a good decade. I've been traveling for so long on a boat traveling the world that I really wanted to start exploring and what America and it's adjacent countries had to offer we didn't want to stay renting anymore so for us because we wanted to do some more traveling before we really settled down we thought let's look at maybe a bus or van.

You've got to find out what really suits your lifestyle and originally we thought a beautiful large interior you know big kitchen so to speak but we didn't think about the limitations for what we truly wanted to do on the road.My mate turned up in his room Promaster and it changed everything for us I jumped inside I had headspace I could Halle copter it was great she's the extended version and she has a high roof I'm six foot after all the insulation sub floor ceiling etc I have about an inch or two inches of space above my head so good clearance I'm not bumping into anything and lots of breathing space.

I think is more that you're gonna spend a lot of time outdoors and you're not really holed up in this tiny space all that much it encourages you to meet people along the way people that will be friends if not family for a long time.

This allows us the freedom to keep moving on the road discovering new places and enjoying life outdoors that's the love of this life.


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