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Ambulance-Van converted into tiny homes on wheels For Under $10k.


Lidia & Phillip are no strangers to life on the road. For their honeymoon, they hit the road in a vintage RV and traded that life in to convert an ambulance to serve as their beach vehicle.Lidia & Phillip :

we traveled in the RV you know basically

did a big circle around the country and in our back here we did for our most three and a half years. So we were like van shopping for months you know just basically scouring the internet looking on Craigslist and then he found these are these ambulance...


and it's like baby that you think you like these ambulance? I'm like I don't know the maintenance of that vehicle it was really good he was like perfect .Total investment with the van somewhere between nine and ten thousand where we spent the most in solar because we wanted pretty much high quality.

I think everybody should try it do it for like a year in their life and it'll probably change them if you want to have financial freedom.


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