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Van Life Comfort and Independence: A Deep Dive into the Ford Transit mk7 Camper Van.

Ford Transit mk7

The camper van is a labor of love, converted at the end of 2020 to serve as a comfortable and reliable home on wheels. Designed for full-time living, every aspect of the van was meticulously planned and built to ensure durability and functionality.

One of the key features of the van is its strong and sturdy furniture. Knowing that it would be your primary residence, you constructed the furniture with durability in mind. Despite constant use and travel, the furniture has stood the test of time and has never posed any issues. To accommodate your two furry friends, a cleverly designed litter tray is built under the box seat, which can easily be converted into an extra storage unit as needed.

In terms of bathroom facilities, the van boasts a small shower cubicle that doubles as storage space. While a full shower wasn't installed, you opted for an electric pump shower that can be used both inside and outside the van, offering convenience and flexibility. Additionally, a porta potty is cleverly integrated into the shower area, providing a compact and functional toilet solution.

Storage is a priority in any camper van, and yours is well-equipped in that department. Under the bed, in the kitchen, and throughout various wall units and box seating areas, there is ample storage space for all your belongings. This allows you to carry everything you need for your adventures, ensuring a clutter-free living environment.

Aesthetically, the van was designed to be open and light. The white walls and upper cabinets contribute to the overall sense of space and brightness, while the lower kitchen cabinets add a pop of color, bringing visual interest and personality to the interior.

The van features numerous storage units throughout, including those above the cab, kitchen, and bedroom areas, as well as large kitchen drawers. This generous storage capacity allows for convenient organization and easy access to all your essentials. The tabletop, attached to a removable leg, provides a functional dining and workspace that can be easily stowed away when not in use.

To create a comfortable and well-lit living environment, LED ceiling lights are installed throughout the van, running off the 12-volt system. With three ceiling lights and two in the bedroom area, there is ample illumination for different sections of the van. Separate switches control the two bedroom lights, while touch-sensitive dimmer switches enable you to adjust the brightness to your liking. Ventilation is crucial in a camper van, and yours is equipped with a Max Air ceiling fan above the kitchen. This fan, known for its excellent performance, comes with a remote control for added convenience. It ensures a steady supply of fresh air and efficient air circulation throughout the van, enhancing your comfort and well-being while on the road.

In terms of plumbing, the van features a 65L underslung fresh water tank with external fill-up and hose for easy refilling. A 40L grey tank is located under the van, providing sufficient capacity for waste water. The plumbing system runs from the water tanks under the van to the kitchen area, where a powerful 12V Shurflo water pump supplies water to the tap. The tap itself features a convenient on/off switch, and all fittings are John Guest push-fit, ensuring efficient and trouble-free operation.

Living off the grid is made possible through a robust solar setup. Three 100W Renogy solar panels are mounted on the roof, with two panels installed on tilting brackets, allowing you to maximize sun exposure and optimize energy generation. Alongside the solar panels, a 30AH DC to DC charger and a massive 300AH Lithium battery are installed, making your van an all-year-round off-grid powerhouse. This setup provides ample power to run all your appliances, devices, and lighting systems, ensuring self-sufficiency and allowing you to explore remote locations without worrying about running out of power.

To keep you warm during colder months and in chilly locations, a Chinese diesel heater is professionally installed. This reliable heating system has proven its faultless performance since installation, providing cozy warmth even in extreme temperatures. It has been put to the test in the French Alps, keeping you comfortable in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

In conclusion, your camper van is a true home on wheels, thoughtfully designed and expertly built for full-time living. From its durable furniture to its clever storage solutions, reliable plumbing, and efficient solar setup, the van provides all the comforts and conveniences necessary for a life on the road. With the added bonuses of a powerful fan, well-designed lighting, and a capable heating system, your van is truly a haven that enables you to embrace the nomadic lifestyle while enjoying the freedom and beauty of the great outdoors.


Ford Transit mk7 5.7 meter high roof



82,000 miles

2 Berths

Price: 30,000£


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