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Water Tower Converted into Luxury Home with a Hidden Room.


Standing in front of the Sunset Beach water tower which is a little bit of a misnomer I'm standing in what's technically Seal Beach California so one of the big questions is why are we filming a show on a water tower it started about 1985 they were gonna decommission the water tower and completely tear it down trains had

stopped running and the question was what do we do with the water tower .


The problem was the people of Sunset Beach really related to it as being the landmark in fact it was one of Southern California's very first landmarks so in 1986 to junior college professors came in and converted it to a house from then until 2017 much went unchanged in the tower and that's when it was bought by Scott auslan and a partner and they restored it to what we believe is its former glory.

I hope you enjoyed spending the day here at the water tower I know if I could spend any day it would be here at the tower with some of the best views of all of Southern California.


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