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Woman Living in a Cozy 22' Long Tiny House for 5 Years.

Rebecca designed the Keva Tiny House to be 22′ x 8.5′ wide, and 15’ tall which is taller than most tiny homes. It has an open concept living space, a clever hideaway ladder, a covered deck, an outhouse for a toilet, and beautiful woodwork from top to bottom, and the whole build cost about $55,000 CAD ($30K materials, $25K labour).

The house is heated with a woodstove, it has a small bathtub and shower, a massive clothes storage area in the bathroom, and there's also a micro shed next door with additional storage space, and a guest bed. For a toilet, Rebecca uses an outhouse outside. She was lucky to meet with people who were open to having her park on their land, and she pays a fee for rent and/or does a work exchange with them.

Hello! My name is Rebecca. I had this tiny house built in back in 2014 and have been living in it since. I wanted my own place I wanted financial freedom I wanted a place where I could go and come back and always have a home but then other contributing factors was the cost of renting a home.

In the southern Gulf Islands is quite expensive and I couldn't afford it and I also wanted to I like designing things and so it was also a way to express my creativity.I am forever grateful to Rudy Hexter and all who were involved in building and sharing this project with me.

You can find out more about Keva Tiny House,at the links below:

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