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Working To End Veteran Homelessness-This Tiny Home Community Gives Homeless Veterans A Chance.

This amazing project gives temporary homes to veterans who are looking to get back on track. Sometimes, all it takes is a period of time for people to get back on their feet, these project attempts to do just that. These tiny homes are designed with the veteran in mind and the Tiny Home Tours team was happy to donate to the cause.

Hello I'm Josh with veterans community project and we're excited to go on a tour of one of our

tiny houses we specialize in housing homeless vets right here in Kansas City using the tiny house model and right here up 89th and Troost we've got 49 houses and 49 vets set to move in a BCP was founded by combat vets who were who were frustrated at a system that they felt were leaving

their brothers and sisters behind from its infancy we knew we wanted to end veteran homelessness and we wanted to do it in a creative way and we also wanted to evolve it.

20 houses are an amazing movement happening in this country right now and we're finding that they are a real instrument of autonomy and healing. We started on Christmas Eve 2017 and

veterans moved in January 29th 2018 so we had to do a lot it was 13 houses that we built about three and a half weeks and it took the entire staff pretty much 23 hours a day to get that done but we were committed to doing it.

We put the first house on that land it was only a trailer it's just a show we've got this and changed the design and everything since then but once people saw this is what we wanted to do that's when the support came we love how low impact it is on the environment we love how efficient it is these are all stick built on concrete slabs it's an incredible process. When we bought the land there was no infrastructure it was a huge 4.9 acre piece of land there was no plumbing no electric nothing these runs just like a house any house that you would see the veterans that we serve often have post-traumatic stress whether it's related to their service or it's related to their life on

the street getting them out of survival mode means putting them in a place that's really safe and having visuals on one side and then one entry in and out really accelerates the process it's a

big deal.

“We’re all trying to restart our lives. We have fallen down, and we’re learning how to get up again,” says Karen Carter. She is a veteran who lost her home after she got divorced. Today, she lives in a veterans’ village made up of tiny homes in Kansas City, Missouri. It’s a neighborly place where people look out for each other. Mark Solomon, a REALTOR®, co-founded the Veterans Community Project, using his skills as both a real estate professional and a veteran to provide transitional housing to veterans who need a fresh start.

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