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17 Year Old Builds Tiny House For under US$8k

The tiny house movement in England is really just in its infancy, yet already you can tell that it’s a trend waiting to explode, as souring house prices are forcing many to explore alternative living solutions. It was really exciting for me to visit Tom’s home, as in many ways it reminds me of some of the early DIY build projects which we toured in Australia and New Zealand.

Amazingly, Tom was only 17 years old when he bought a trailer and began construction of his very own tiny house on wheels. He had just began a building apprenticeship and set about taking the skills he was learning on the job and applying them to the construction of his own home. The entire home was constructed on a tight budget, using mostly reclaimed materials to save on costs. Thanks to his DIY attitude and resourceful nature, Tom was able to complete his home for an incredible £6,000 (under US$8k).

The tiny house movement in England is starting to really gain momentum, as house prices drive people towards alternative living. Tom is a pioneer in the movement, being one of the first in the country to build a tiny home.

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