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Luxurious and Romantic Tiny House that gives a fairy tale-ish yet southwestern style.

Blue Sage No.3

Approaching this tiny house, you'll be charmed by the deck featuring a garage door leading to the interior. The layout is fun and ideal for tiny house enthusiasts. Let's explore it together!

Upon arrival, a boardwalk guides you to the property, enhancing the magical atmosphere with incorporated handrail lights. The rounded rooftop above the door adds a whimsical touch to the tiny house's exterior.

Stepping inside, you'll enter a hallway that serves as the kitchen area, equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, cabinets, countertop space, and floating shelves. It also includes a built-in gas stove for light meal preparation, along with a coffee nook complete with creamer.

Moving to the left, you'll find a small dining area with a table for two, perfectly suited for this tiny house built for two occupants. The house offers one bedroom and one bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom, it's surprisingly spacious, featuring double vanity sinks, mirrors, and ample space. An interesting feature is the window connecting the bathroom with the living area.

The beautifully tiled shower area also incorporates a window, adding a touch of romance. This tiny house is designed with couples in mind, considering the shower's design may not offer enough privacy for friends.

Exiting the bathroom, you enter the main living area. It's an open and spacious space with a king-size bed against one wall, positioned under a window connecting to the bathroom. The room is adorned with windows and a garage door leading to a deck, allowing you to enjoy the fresh breeze.

For added romance and practicality, there's a net around the bed to keep bugs at bay. The custom-made cedar log chandelier hanging from the ceiling adds character to the room, as does the unique corner window. Of course, you can ensure complete privacy by closing the blinds and using a curtain.

Outside on the deck, you'll discover a cozy space featuring chairs, a tree growing through it, string lights, and a hammock for relaxation. The deck provides breathtaking views, creating an idyllic spot to unwind.

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