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Lara - A Compact and Functional Home for All.

Lara Design

Welcome to Lara, a compact and functional home designed for modern living. This stylish and versatile abode caters to individuals or couples looking for a practical living space without sacrificing style and comfort.

Lounge Area

The lounge area in Lara is designed to maximize space and brightness. It comfortably accommodates a three-seater sofa, perfect for relaxing or entertaining guests. The large windows and sliding doors flood the space with natural light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Additionally, the provision for mounting a television allows you to enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Spacious and Bright
Lounge Area


The kitchen in Lara is designed with efficiency in mind. While it may be compact, it provides everything you need to prepare delicious meals. With smart storage solutions and all the necessary appliances, this kitchen is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The open plan design allows for seamless integration with the lounge area, creating a spacious and inviting atmosphere.

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom in Lara offers comfort and ample space to unwind. With its thoughtfully designed layout and generous dimensions, it provides a cozy retreat after a long day. Clever storage options are incorporated, ensuring that your belongings are neatly organized. Additionally, the inclusion of pull-out drawers under the bed maximizes space efficiency.


Lara boasts a spacious and well-appointed bathroom that exudes luxury. This sanctuary features high-quality fixtures and amenities such as a full-sized shower. Whether you prefer a quick refreshing rinse or a relaxing soak, the bathroom in Lara caters to all your needs.

Loft Space

The loft space in Lara offers endless possibilities. Whether you choose to use it as an additional sleeping area, a private hangout spot, or for storage purposes, it adapts to your lifestyle seamlessly. This versatile space is perfect for individuals or couples looking for flexible living arrangements.

Loft Bedroom

The loft bedroom offers flexibility and adaptability. Whether you decide to utilize it as a children's hideaway, a guest room, or as additional storage, this space adds value to the overall functionality of the home

Lara offers a compact and functional living solution for individuals or couples seeking a versatile home that doesn't compromise on style and comfort. With its well-designed spaces, efficient storage options, and luxurious amenities, Lara truly caters to the needs of modern living. Consider Lara as your future home, where functionality and style merge seamlessly.



From NZD 220,800

Contact: shayestinyhomes


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