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2018 Dodge Promaster Van Design with Lots of Great Ideas!


In this van, there's a toilet, shower, induction cooktop, solar power system, fridge, running water, swivel seat & extra seating with seatbelts, loads of storage, a heater, not one but two roof vents, and more! Definitely take a peek inside this gorgeous campervan conversion by Van Life Mtl.


This van is insulated with a combination of spray foam, Roxul, and reflectix. It's a 2018 Dodge Promaster, 159" wheelbase, and it's approx. 19 feet long. To gain extra floor space, they have the bed set up widthwise which gives quite a lot of room to create a longer kitchen, and just more hangout space.

They also have a swivel table from Lagun to create an easy dining area as well.


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Feb 25, 2023

Looks pretty nice. Speaking from the utilitarian side, the cabinets are a bit over-the-top--meaning, there's no point having open shelving that masquerades as cabinetry. Why not just build the same shelves without the verticals and upper horizontals? Effectively, the bottoms will hold everything, no need for the camouflage. It would give you much better sight lines and minimalist cache.

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