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230 sqft Modern Tiny House built on the same property of a very famous recording studio.


Welcome to Nashville Tennessee honestly probably one of my favorite favorite destinations that we visited so far in the u.s. we're actually staying in this tiny house and I can't wait to show you guys around so this is actually our first tiny home that we're staying in and visiting that's actually on a trailer and it's really cool .


Before we take a look on the inside of this adorable adorable tiny house let's take a look at the utilities in the back. So this area here usually isn't my favorite thing about the tiny home but it's necessary so for all you tiny house nerds out there this is the utility area. So over here you have a Bosch instant hot water heater you have a 20 pound propane tank and a few Spock bucks how exciting the exterior of the house is actually made out of something called smart siding which is compressed wood.


The first thing that I noticed when I step into the interior of the space is the spaciousness which is really surprising, because it's about only 230 square feet. The first floor living space is actually only about a hundred and sixty square feet which you would never be able to tell. Watch the full tour:

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