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24 foot modern Tiny House embraces minimalism and shies away from any excessive ornamentation.

This 24 foot modern tiny house embraces minimalism and shies away from any excessive ornamentation. The clean lines and ordered flow of the tiny house make it an ideal place to retreat from noise and busyness. The Kubrick tiny house is a perfect example of our collaborative design process. We only take on one or two houses a year with this level of design because we work so closely with the customer. There was a look and feel that the customer was trying to achieve which led us to try new things and push the boundaries.

The walls and ceiling are finish grade wood panels. Tiny homes are built to be mobile and have to stand up to more torsion and jostling than a typical house. For this reason we did not attempt to caulk or tape over joints in the panels. Instead, we left visible shadow gaps to allow the panels to “float” as needed and we embraced these gaps as visual cues to interior features.

The Kubrick has a built-in hybrid solar power system. The lights, fans, pumps, and fridge are on solar while the air conditioner and larger appliances are dependent on shore power.The Kubrick is named after a film directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick: 2001 Space Odyssey. The film, released in 1968, boldly introduced innovative set design themes and is considered one of the greatest and most influential films ever made. With the Kubrick, we pushed the design limits of modern minimalism.

Here are some other features and components of the Kubrick tiny house.

  • Specially milled tongue and groove exterior cedar siding, no trim

  • Black aluminum clad wood windows

  • Black standing seam metal roof

  • Deck over construction to create storage for fresh water and grey water storage tanks

  • Finish grade wood panel interior

  • White oak stair treads and herringbone hardwood floor

  • Hybrid solar power system

  • Cubic Mini Grizzly wood stove

  • Custom concrete countertops

  • Custom painted cabinet fronts with minimal fronts and hidden pulls

  • Subway tile shower and kitchen backsplash

  • Custom valance and spotlighting

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